Tekzone became Tech Tweet


UPDATE:Eddy is now an author for techtweet. I will also be registering techtweet.com soon


Tek Zone, To Become ……….

I have been thinking it through, and I think Tek zone needs a re name, and a domain. In the next couple of days I will ask Thomas what he thinks (or if he still wants to be apart of the blog). I was thinking “Tech Tweet.com” as a domain. Feedback would be great, any ideas much apreciated.

“Liger” Update To Leopard

Developers have received their first pre-release build of the Mac OS X 10.5.2 updater, and it’s a biggie.

Says tech news website “ITWire”. They say the update will fix many graphical issues and also some “under the hood” issues

Changes have reportedly been made to the Finder, iCal, iChat, Mail, Safari and Time Machine, along with fixes for Rosetta, AirPort (this one’s for you, Sam!) and other components including the CUPS printing system and grammar checking.

One highly anticipated update is that of the “Stacks” feature in Leopard, the update adds a new “view” to stacks called “List”.

The update could be released as early as next month, and my coincide with Macworld Expo.

P.S For those of you who didn’t get the title, the Liger is a huge wild cat, a mixture of Tiger and Leopard.


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Cool lightbulb magic trick

Hey tekzone readers, happy holidays and sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Heres a fun trick to show all your friends and family at christmas dinner

Mysterious Lightbulb Hack!Click here for more home videos

Tekzone crosses the 50,000 hits line

Today we here at tekzone blog have overcome a massive milestone, we have crossed the 50,000 hits line!!!

XBlaze 0.8.3 and the announcement of XFlame

XBlaze is at the current time the ONLY program that allows you to communicate with other XFire users

I am really excited about the announcement of xflame, xflame will be a stand alone xfire client for the mac, instead of using aduim X.

To see the latest updates go to xblaze.co.uk